Anger Management For

Youth & Teens

Signs of a Problem: Anger management issues in teens can manifest in many different ways. Some teens may seem irritable, either with themselves or other people, and they may be prone to snap when they’re asked simple questions. They may simply seem angry all the time, with no real trigger setting off this anger. 

Other teens may demonstrate their anger in violent ways. They may bully or threaten others. Teens might get into frequent verbal and physical altercations with their friends and classmates. In addition, they may commit crimes, such as destruction of property or theft. Furthermore, they may also harm animals, including family pets. When asked to perform a task, they respond with challenges and arguments, and the conversation quickly spins out of control.

Coaching For Couples

Conflict & Stress Management 

For Couples who want to enhance their individual and relationship anger and conflict management skills.
Couples will gain a new perspective on anger and how to gain control over unhealthy anger, better managing responses to provoking situations in their relationships.

This program provides keys for managing anger and changing your relationship. 

Men Only Anger Management Groups

Men who have difficulty controlling their anger and whose rage has resulted in family problems, job difficulties, violence, and legal problems can benefit from our Anger Management coaching group.

Because they are socialized to be more comfortable with anger than with other emotions, men are at risk of transforming all negative feelings into anger. In Anger Management coaching, we help them understand the emotional dynamics of anger, observe and deconstruct their negative and distorted thinking patterns, and identify their anger triggers.

About Us:

Welcome to Successful Solutions LLC. We are located on the Treasure Coast,  in beautiful Fort Pierce Florida. We provide a variety of professional and personal coaching and support services. Our services include:  Personal and Professional Anger Management, Career, and Couples training and coaching.

In addition we also provide a variety of notarial services.   

Too much anger can be costly both physically and emotionally. Most people can express their anger in appropriate ways in some situations, and yet be ineffective in others. The Anger Management Coach guides participants through training and curriculum used to reduce levels of anger especially in provocative situations. Participants will learn effective skills, concepts, techniques and practices to stop escalation and to resolve conflicts.

Women Only Anger Management Groups

Women have a great deal of daily stress that they have to manage which can include having a career,  making effective transitions between work and home, and raising children.  These stressors can lead to feeling angry.  

Individuals who cannot effectively regulate their anger can suffer from a variety of health and relationship problems. It is important for women to understand and accept their anger, and to learn healthy coping strategies to manage their anger. 

Improving Relationships, Exceeding Expectations & Changing Lives