National Certifications stand for quality. Our programs are programs are accepted by criminal and family courts nationwide. We are certified and endorsed by the National Anger Management Association. 

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Gwen McLeod is the CEO and Owner of Successful Solutions LLC and she an her husband of 23 years reside in beautiful Fort Pierce Fl.  Gwen's professional background includes, a Master’s Degree in Organizational Learning and Leadership and over 20 years of experience working in education, social services, training, and management fields. Gwen is certified as an Anger Management Specialist, Domestic Violence Specialist and Relationship Coach.  Gwen has held positions with the Department of Juvenile Justice as a Juvenile Probation Officer, Department of Children and Families as a Child Protective Investigator and prior to launching her own social services business in 2014, was with the Indian River County School District ESE Department where she worked in a Behavioral Analyst capacity as a Student Support Specialist.

Gwen is an inspiring and exciting motivational keynote speaker. She is the CEO and founder of WE LEAP INC. a 501c3 nonprofit domestic violence awareness and advocacy organization located in beautiful Fort Pierce Florida.   Gwen’s domestic violence awareness organization has provided opportunity for her to appear on national TV and radio. She has also raised awareness about this cause at conferences, workshops and training events.  As a domestic violence survivor, Gwen delivers a message of hope, motivation and determination to help her clients push through adversity and empower them to live successful abundant lives!

Gwen McLeod, M.S., CAMS, CDVS

Certified Relationship Coach

Registered Notary Public 


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Spot Coaching Session

Description: While effective coaching requires at least six sessions to see progress, this one hour Chat & Coach session can help you gain perspective on the areas you’d like to focus on for coaching and hone in on a vision to work towards. It’s like getting your feet wet in life coaching and working with me before moving into a full coaching package. This pay-as-you-go option may be a more affordable route for some clients.

Categories:Life coaching, Anger/Stress management coaching, Work/life balance coaching, Confidence coaching, Time management coaching, Motivational coaching, Relationship Coaching

Duration: (
1) 1 hour Spot Coaching Session 

$75.00 USD 

Individual or couple coaching sessions. Face to face coaching sessions last for approximately 1 hour  

 Where appropriate, telephone, zoom or skype coaching sessions are available and are an effective means of coaching once a coaching relationship has been established.​



 (12) monthly 1 hour sessions

For singles and couples: Coaching Packages available


Group Coaching Sessions

There's strength in numbers. True statement, especially in our group classes. Face to face coaching group sessions last for approximately 1 hour 30 min

If you're ready to end years of upset, angry outbursts and rocky relationships then this is the group for you. Groups address stress, conflict negotiation, control and communication issues. 

Group Types: Men Only, Women Only, Teen Groups, Couples Groups


( 8) weekly sessions 60 min.

(12) weekly sessions 60 min

(16) weekly sessions 60 min